February 12, 2009

bet your bottom dollar.


yeyeye, i cannot wait.

so, i can't comment on my own blog, wtf. but carly & erika - i love you, you're both too sweet.

last night i had guitar lessons, and i decided i love it. my class is full of such random people, and they are all so nerdy but i love it, they are all so nice. i'm having a lot of fun so far, cutecute!

i was a busy housewife today, cleaning up for gramp's birthday and baking some cuppycakes! i will post pictures of them tomrorow. they turned out pretty good, i lovvve the lil mini ones, they are too cute!

my fam will be here soon to celebrate my gramp's birthday. he is 87 today, i love him so much. i am such a grandpa's girl! he's just seriously the cutest grandpa ever, look at him! omg i love him too much.

that's him and my gram on christmas!

also - here's my business card ; ; ♥


i think they're prety cutesy.
well, i gtg be the hostess with the mostess :)


cupcake wedding cake! i love the colours so much, it's not very big, but the idea of it is something like what i am going to do for my brothers wedding, they are gonna look SO cute.

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  1. ooooh wedding cupcakes! i love that. it's smarter then spending sooo much money on a cake that hardly anyone eats. kind of a waste of money...and eeeeveryone likes cupcakes!

    i got your card in the mail yesterday! so cute! i love you so much :) have you got mine yet? soon soon, if you haven't already.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)