February 16, 2009

happy family day?

family day is such a new holiday that it has yet to have much meaning to a lot of us, i mean yay...family is awesomeee:) but i didn't do anything special with my family today, or see many people from my family for that matter. i decided we need to start our own family day traditions, i suppose we'll start em' next year.

i had such a wonderful weekend, just perrrfect.
friday - pete got here in the late afternoon, we went for dinner with my mom and blair, and just relaxed and watched tv on friday night, went to bed pretty earlyish.

saturday - valentine's dayyyyyyyyyy! we woke up and i made pete stay in my room while i made him some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, then started cooking some bacon & eggs. we hungout and lounged around for a while, opening up our gifts (lots of cupcake stuff, shopaholic book, sidney crosby's picture with pete's head on it) hahaha, and then we walked over to get some groceries. next we had a picnic in the living room and i made pete his favourite thing ever.....a yummy sandwich! watched across the universe, i made red velvet cupcakes, made some penne alfredo with garlic bread, watched the leaf game (they actually WON 6-2) such a good game, and my last suprise was chocolate covered strawberries! yummy:) just perfect. then we ended the night with SUCH a funny episode of SNL, i was laughing my face off.
for valentine's day i suprised pete with a weekend in a hotel to niagra falls, so we are headed there on march 12, 13 & 14th. i am so excited, i haven't got to spend time there in so long!

sunday - just took er' easy and lazed around, then around dinner time, carly, derek and visco came over! we had such a fun night, obviouslyyyyy. we ordered some pizza and chatted and watched tv and everyone ate some vday cupcakes. good times had by all for sure

today petey made me some yummy pancakes and we watched some entourage, and thennnn i got 3 packages in the mail and was super duper HAPPY as can be! one from carly (cute valentine and little ipod holder) and then one from 2 different friends from the ship, magic and ladybug. filled with lots of cute valentine's day stuff and of course CUPCAKE stuff, yeyeye

here is a little photo stream of my valentine's day cuppycakes ;

cupcake prep, all my stuff out and ready.

some of the many valentine's day sprinkles used.

it's all about variety!

cupcakes on cupcake platter :)

cupcake closeup

i love mini cupcakes

so, there they are. oooh!

i have a fun & busy week ahead of me:)
tomorrow i am meeting pete downtown and we're going to walk around & shop for a bit, and then meet his dad and brother for dinner downtown:) wednesday i have guitar lessons and my first ringette game in like...a month! thursday i am babysitting all day, and then pete is coming over. friday i believe carly and i are going out to get some stuff for my shindig. and saturday is HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA yeyeyeye :)

i am hopefully going to see confessions of a shopaholic tonight, i wanna see it so bad! i just got the 3rd book from the library and started it today, and then the one pete got me comes next.

happy monday babes!


a cupcake teapot! oh man, i want one so bad. for the longest time this store on queen west had some in the window, and now they never do! so i might go in there and ask them where they ordered it, because i NEED one. and i decided when i move out, i am going to decorate my kitchen with cupcake stuff. awww and i LOVEEE tea!

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