February 1, 2009

i'm alive (barely)

sorry to all my avid blog readers that i haven't updated in a while (tsk tsk)
i had a rough (&good) couple of days.

i will be brief about thursday night - rich's party started off so fun, i was with so many sweeheart's i hadn't seen in forever, and having sooo much fun. and then it hit me hardddd, i got SO sick. it was horrible. i am scared that something got put in my drink or something, because i have never ever ever come close to being as sick as i was that night. annnnd, i barely even had any drinks, so i dunno...it's messed. my apoligies to my babe for the acessive amount of phone calls that came his way after 2am. (ooopsi) all in all, it was quite the experience and i hope rich had a fun time.

friday i spent the day on my death bed (no, but seriously...i couldn't move) i just relaxed and nursed my hangover, for well....the whole entire day and night. yesterday i headed downtown around 1pm and met up with jammin, brend and her sis jenna. we met up at a little cafe and i drank a delicious green tea. i spent the rest of the day/night hanging with jammin' in her hotel room (balllllin') and gossiping about life, relationships, and most of all...ship life (sigh). i am so glad i stayed and got to spend time with her, it was so nice. and even betttttter - i got to watch the leaf game. probably the best game of the year, not only because they played the pens (crosb!) but because they played WELL, schenn got in a fight (omfg amazing) and they retired one of the best leafs of all time's # - dougy gilmour!

dougy! dougy! dougy!
all the leafs wore these little maple leafs with 93's on them, it was just precious. he's so sick. and don cherry loves him more than life. it's pretty amazing and quite funny..

so today, i need to kinda get my life together after a rough/lazy couple of days. tomorrow i am babysitting (i will be every monday now, might as well) and on wednesday i start guitar lessons, yeyeyeye stoked. then on saturday i am going to buffalo, looking for bridesmaid dresses, and i really kinda friggin' hope we get to to go to forever 21 & target. yessss please. :)

oh, and since today is february 1st. it's my first day of a craft for every day in the month of love. keep in mind - some days i may do more than one and some days none, etc etc. but yeah, you get it.

it looks to be one cute & crafty month. (i'm just glad january is over)

well, i am going to go get to work. oh, and obvs i am watching the super bowl. i'll admit i don't know too much about football, or love it for that matter. BUT, i am tryiing to love all sports now, and besides...i watched rudy the other day, so i am totally in the mood. also - my dad was a HUGE steeler's fan, so of course...today i will cheer for them! ♥

okay, i know i say that they are ALL cute, which they are. but isn't this to die for? it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. i wish i could've made these for my gram, she was the best knitter in the world, like incredible. anyway, i just think they're so cuuuuuuuuute. hehe, loveeee:)

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