February 17, 2009

i'm getting sick, oh dear.


today i woke up feeling horrible, my throat was so sore and everything just hurts. so i decided to bake the pain away, i baked my grandma's recipe for "best ever banana muffins" and let me tell ya, they sure are! there's nothing like freshly baked banana muffins. i headed downtown in the afternoon to meet up with pete, we shopped around but there wasn't anything cute i wanted (besides him of course). we met up with pete's dad and his bro + company and had a great dinner at c'est what, it was so nice to spend time with them, they're all so nice!

normally my least favourite thing ever is saying goodbye to my babe but today wasn't so bad since i will see him on thursday :) oh i'm so lucky. i have so much fun stuff to look forward to.

speaking of looking forward to things, i can't wait for spring & summer. i really really really hope me and pete can get on a ship together for may and june. it would be just perfect, only about 9 weeks so we will have our share of amazing times on the ship, but also get to spend a lot of time home in the summer :) the thought of this excites me lots, i need to go away and go on an adventure. if everything goes as planned, well be going back to new york and bermuda, i love both of these places a lot. i've been craving new york a lot lately!

i will be in heaven once again when i go to the new york sanrio store, OMFG. it's love.

i won't mind sailing past this every sunday either, well the statue, not john lennon. i love this photo!

a stroll in central park is always something i want to do.

oh, new york...♥

also, me and pete are thinking of maybe going to work somewhere fun in the fall, maybe cayman islands?

we're gonna look into it:)

i've got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow - gotta get some stuff at the mall, i have guitar lessons && ringette. sweet!

i hope everyone is good. great even!



i am SO getting these with my first pay cheque once i am back at work. they are TOO cute and i want to wear them and jump in puddles. they have them in pink too but i LOVE purple lately, so i am all over it!


  1. so cute! so cute! so cute!

    i talk about new york a lot lately too...you've been though so it's a little different cause you know how wonderful it is, i just dream of it. that sanrio store would break my bank...i don't think i could handle it! haha, i was just talking about it specifically the other day as well.

    ps: i'm fucking in LOVE with rainboots. there are so so so many cute ones and i want them all!

  2. I love NYC, my cousins girlfriend lives in new york last time I was there, October we stayed in her moms condo off 5th ave, it was beautiful I miss it so much. Quick question, what cruise company do you work with?

  3. carly, you would lovvvve it there. and omg sanrio store, i like...freak out when i am there. you can get SO much cute stuff for a good price too, i am dying to go back!

    and YES rainboots are love!!!

    hey lindsay! i work for norwegian cruislines! :)


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