February 13, 2009

t g i friggin f.

hi! happy friday everyone!
i have been waiting for this day for sooooo long! hehehe :D

last night's party for grandpa went great, i got some adorable pics of my grandpa eating cupcakes! TOO CUTE.
i need to upload them tonight so that you guys can see my valentine's day cupcakes, actually those are my pre-valentine's day cupcakes, because tomorrow i am baking more for my boy, red velvet ones, mmm!

today i went over to help my grandpa and grandma clean their condo because they are having their crew over for cards tomorrow, how sweet is that?

and thennnnnn, i came home and was super stoked because my adorable boyfriend was here shortly after. FINALLY!
we are just hanging out and watching sports science, haha & i'm sippin' on some tea and we may hang with carly and derek tonight! tomorrow is the day of lovvve ♥ & i've got lots of cute suprises set up.

these are the valentine's i sent out, i hope everyone who wanted one got theirs!

& today is one of my fave girls birthday's! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH!!! and not only cause it's her birthday but because she is AWESOME, ash is going to be my featured friend today:)

ash is the sweetest gal ever, we have only known eachother for a few months but we instantly because close pals! it's exciting for me because i don't have a lot of girl friends, so when i met ash and she was SO FUN, i was super stoked. our first hangout consisted of us going to nightmares in niagra falls and being SO EFFING SCARED, hahaha but we had so much fun and i knew ash was a fun girl to have around. we can chat for hours and like a lot of the same awesome things. she's got a huge heart and is going to be SUCH an amazing teacher very soon! the kids are going to LOVE her, obvs. so ash my darlin', hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday & i can't wait to see ya!

oooh & i made this & a few other little cards to ash for her birthday;

i am looking forward to relaxing / spoiling my boy all weekend.
i will post pics of all my valentine's day stuff this weekend :) ♥

oh & how funny is this? - my moms boyfriend said he would pay me 10 bucks to make her a valentine, hahaha! i was like, you can get one across the street for a few bucks and he said "but you make nice cards!!!" investmenttttt. hahaha.



cupcake + popsicle = AWWWWW. hehehe this one is for you babe! haha poor pete. but i found this cupcake with a little popsicle on top and just about died. long story...but yeah it's perfect for us!


  1. let me guess...popsicle pete? haha.
    your valentines cards were so cute! i love mine.

  2. hehehe, yeah! well on the ship you know how we all have nicknames? mine is cupcake and his is popsicle, so some call us "cupsicle" hehehe, love you xo


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