February 22, 2009

tea time!

last night was amazing.
i had sooo much fun at my hockey party. it was a hockey party/engagement party for carly & derek :)
we all had SO much fun, i love nights like those..when you can just laugh all night. perfection.

i emailed lynne about my tutu and she sent me some photo's of her tutu's - they are cute as can be! i am going to pick a pink one i think, it just seems right and it's going to be wonderful to get it just in time for spriiiiing ♥ i've got to email her today to talk about which one i'm going to get!

i'm excited to watch the oscars tonight, i love sunday nights for some reason, they are so relaxing. i'm babysitting tomorrow all day which will be alright, the $$$ is worth it though.

i can't believe that i haven't got bored at all on my time off, i have just been keeping so busy with little projects on the go. it will be nice to get back to work though, i miss everyone there, and my set schedule, and the pay cheque of course. not to mention working at the same place i work out, i NEED to go to the gym way more than i've been going.

i had an amazing time with my boy the last couple days. we made our first step on our mission to go back cruising in the spring, so i am super stoked on that :) we're plowing through entourage, i just started season 4, i'm in love.

i'm going to finish my tea and maybe have a little nap. then i gotta clean up my house.i need to get some quality reading time in as well, and oh....laundry. i'm a bit bummed my snuggle panda won't be here today though, hahaha.

+ there should be time for some arts & crafts today too :) heehee.


these are so cute and spring-like! they look too good to eat for sure, but they are sooo pretty. i can't imagine having the patience to make cupcakes look so perfect, but i love em anyway!


  1. i just came across your blog. I love cupcakes too!!
    This one is amazing!!

  2. hehehe, yesss it sure is! cupcakes for life:)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)