February 26, 2009

thursday thursday.

sup babes?

what a lovely day it was today! i was loving every second of this beautiful day, it made me extra excited for spring! i walked to and from babysitting, and it takes me 40 minutes each way, but today...it was just perfect. just listened to some tunes on my sexy new ipod and loved life.

yesterday was another great day too. i went to the gym (such a good workout), had guitar lessons, and a ringette game. i also got another order for cupcakes which is totally awesome :)

i bought 2 new cd's (there's nothing better than getting new cd's to sing & dance too!)

i got;

lilly allen it's not me, it's you

& so far, it is amazing, i love her.

&&& also;

adele nineteen

i haven't got a chance to listen yet, but i've heard some of her songs & they are amazing.

i'm really excited for this weekend! i'm heading to oakville to pete's house, and we are babysitting his cute cousin ally, she's awesome! i can't wait. but fiiiiirst tomorrow i am hanging out with carly!, we are going to shop around for cute stuff and get some sweet photobooth pictures, obvssss.

i am really excited about going to niagra falls with my boy ♥ we're going march 13-15 & it's going to be sweeeet.

it's gonna be cuteness.

well, i gotta go & pack for this weekend, and practice guitar!


oooh! i have my fair share of cupcake necklaces, but this one! it's totally cupcake bling. it's sexy as hell and i want itttt. what better way to doll up an outfit, than a sparkly...shiny...sweet cupcake necklace?


  1. you are way too cute, ju! congrats on the second order! awesome stuff! infinitely jealous about the hotness that is you and carly together! sheesh! oh! and the cupcake bling is so incredibly you. naturally.

  2. i love that necklace.
    i'm totally into sparkly things lately and that is so cute and so perfect (for you)
    hope you're having a great time in oakville!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)