February 27, 2009

why does it always rain on me?

everything will be fine! i know it's rainy, but it's going to be a good day!
atleast it's quite warm.

i must admit, i am a bit bummed about the rain because i had a really adorable outfit planned today that involved my cute brown nine west boots, but i can't wear them if it's rainy, oh no!

i'm just relaxing with my morning tea & toast with peanut butter. i really oughtta get the show on the road here, i am meeting up with carly for lunch at 12:30 (stoked!) and we're shopping, photoboothing and such!

i'm looking forward to the weekend!
aren't you?
i hope everyone has a good one! ♥

i'm a bit bummed that i am not hip to the jive enough to know that lilly allen was just in town. that was one of my resolutions too! to go to more concerts, i am going to go on rotate this right after this update! hmph.

happy & healthy weekend my lovies :)


i NEED a cupcake umbrella. i haven't really started looking. but i love umbrella's and i think they are super cute accessories. i have a really adorable red & white polka dotted one right now, but a cupcake one? like come on, it's perfect.


  1. oh so cute! i think i really need a cupcake umbrella now too!! where can i get one?

  2. we had the best time in toronto. i'm so glad richy could come and we could go downtown and eat and laugh and chat and photobooth! i love you so much. that was just the julie fix i needed. love yoooooou so much ♥


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