February 24, 2009

you can turn off the sun, but i'm still gonna shine!

hey gorgeous!

happy pancake tuesday! although, i didn't even eat pancakes today (sad face)

today was a good day, in fact ... a GREAT day.
i am just so happy lately, i am being super positive about everything in my life and i really think it is showing in my everyday life and just in the amazing things that are happening in my life, i have so many reasons to smile! :)

today wasn't too exciting, but late afternoon i went to the movies with carly & sarah, we went to see confessions of a shopaholic - i've wanted to see it for so long and was very excited. and let me tell you, i was very disappointed, it just, well it sucked really to be honest. it was like they tried to cram all the books in one movie, and it just went in so many random directions. we still had fun anyway, and we did dinner after. on the way home i got an exciting phone call ...

it was my first cupcake order! i was so excited! i ran into a guy i went to elementary and highschool with a few weeks ago at the mall, and we got talking & i gave him one of my business cards. he called tonight and said his girlfriend wants to order 30 cupcakes for her grade 5 class for march 12th! it's kinda like my first official order since i got my cards and everything, so i am very excited :):):) oh and since i've been handing out my cards and such, i started up my cupcake business blog, you can check it out here http://cupcakesmadewithlove.blogspot.com
stoked on life ♥

told you, my life is a to-do list.

i can't believe how busy i have been, it's just crazy, but i love it. i always have a project on the go.

i got some new tea, i love trying new kinds - i got white blueberry & pomegrenate, mmm i heart tea.

know what goes great with tea, and anything really? strawberries

also, my princess tutu got sent out to me today, i can't wait to get it & try it on! ♥

tomorrow i am going to have a day of organizing (that's what most of my days consist of to be honest) i am also going to the gym which i am very excited about.

yesterday when i was babysitting, the little toddler was going through my purse and his mom couldn't help but giggle at all the stuff in my purse, i thought i would take a picture because it really made me laugh, look at all this stuff ;

the outside:)

& the inside!:)

i love arts&crafts, gee whiz.

& i need a tan, badly. look how pale i am! it's crazy how tanned i get in the summer though, it really is.

pale julie;

tanned julie;

crazy eh? hahahaha.

okay, i wanna get a few things done before bed. i hope you all had a great day! tell me how you are :)


ICECREAM CUPCAKES! oooh these look so delicious. i don't know how or where to get em, but i saw them on one of the cupcake blogs i check out, and they just seem simply divine!


  1. welcome to MY life pale julie.
    you actually get the pleasure of getting a sweet tan in the summer...i however am constantly in pale mode, lol.

    you have the cutest inside of a purse ever. so azn! also, that purse is super cute too.

    and once again, your cupcake of the day has made me drool...mmm!

    ps: hangouts friday? ya ya ya?

  2. hahaha, yeah but pale looks good on you, hehehe! :)

    yeah how asian am i? too funny.

    those cupcakes look SO good, mmm.

    & yes i can hangout on friday! during the day right? i am going to oakville later in the day to see pete but we can hang during the day!? yeyeyeyeye :)

  3. hey julie! it's meagan :) i've been reading your blog and it's really adorable. just wanted to say i also didn't like shopaholic! my friend and i were saying that they shouldn't even have called it by the same name because it was NOTHING like the book at all! the only similar part was the scarf and the auction and her spending habits. so disappointing :(

  4. you can get those cuppie cakes from Cold Stone Creamery and they ARE as tasty as they look.. the cup is hard chocolate and i love the cake batter flavor the icing is simply divine! YUMMMMY!!!


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