February 10, 2009

"i read your blog"

i love marilyn. what a classy and flawless gal. she looks perfect in every photograph.

my man reminded me that i haven't done my featured friend in a while, which is true. i have been meaning to...

oh, jordan timmons...he is a ball of energy. we first became friends in highschool, and it's one of my favourite stories - jordan was trying out for smoit (the junior improv team) and i was helping pick the team! i thought jordan was so cute and super funny, and he told me he was so excited because "julie ross" was laughing at his jokes. hehehe. jordan always makes an effort to see everyone, and is such a great friend to so many people. not only is he a good friend, but he is a FUN and FUNNY friend too! life of the party, charasmatic, and has a huge heart. you can't help but be in a good mood when he is around. a lover of musicals, the colour pink, and britney - jordan is a friend i know i will have around forever. no matter how long we go without seeing eachother, we pick up where we left off and he is sure to cheer anyone up. i love you jordan, always & forever :) thank you for always making me smile, and being such a great friend to me, and so many other people.

i've had a good day so far, gettin crafty and cleaning up and such :)
i sent out my valentine's, they're cuuuuuute. and i need to get to work on all the things for MY valentine<3

know what i'll never stop loving? BOWS. awww i want one in every colour & i already have lots.

also, remember when the OC was good? i used to love this show, i still watch the re runs so i can reminiss. oh, seth cohen!

I NEED A NEW HAIRCUT! i hate my bangs and the colour sucks too. ughhh.

ok i gtg byeee.


cupcakes + heart + bow + necklace = cute as everrrr. i love this necklace, and i seem to have a collection of heart necklaces, and cupcake ones, so why not combine it? just too cute for words.

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