March 11, 2009

can't wait for tomorrow.

wednesdayyyyyyyy! sup?

i had a great day with my bff today, of couuuurse. did some shopping & then watched role models & antm!

now i am just packing my bag for this weekend (L) - i am bad at packing light duhhh but it's hard to imagine all the things i will need for such a jam packed weekend of fun. like, i will need cute during the day outfits, and a nice dinner outfit, then we're going out with all his friends on saturday night in st.catharines too. geesh ; i am even pre-planning my outfits. this is a big deal for me. hahahaha.

they haven't announced the winners of the toronto cupcake contest yet, i just want to see all the pictures of the other entries, it will be fun to see them all :) - i've got one small cupcake order to do tomorrow before i leave too, they'll be quite cute i imagine.

so, i am headed to st.catharines to meet up with my boy and then we are going to niagra falls until saturday! yeyeye :) i am so excited. i haven't seen pete in 2 weeks, so it will be so good to see him and go on some fun adventures. i love niagra falls! there's so much to do. i will be sure to take lots of pictures too.

i decided soon i am going to take you on a virtual tour of my room, once i take some nice pictures, and my room is clean and organized (who knows when that will be!?) but for now, here is my closet, which is essentially the best part :)

i love itttt. it is very organized, and i am running out of room! (there's more clothes under my bed & in my dresser too!) and to be honest, i actually wear them all. i clean out my closet every 3-4 months too. i now own close to 80 dresses. whoa!

well, i won't be blogging at all for the next 3 or 4 days, so don't miss me too much ♥ - i promise to be back in full force after my romantic weekend away. oh and back to work on tuesday! :) so this is my last hoorah.


this is such a CELEBRATION cupcake. it's awesome how one cupcake can just be SO fun. i love the colours and toppings, just adorable. i want to make it, now. who wants to eat it?


  1. Wow~never seen cupcake toppings like that...very cool!

  2. i wanna eat it! i want to eat every single cupcake you post on here (even the non-edible ones) haha, just kidding.

    i hope you have an awesome time in niagra, romantic weekends away are the bestest ♥

    sounds like your cupcake business is working out well too, i'm so proud of you!!!!


  3. I can see the backpack I gave you in your closet! YAY!!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)