March 9, 2009

the cupcakes are bakin'

happy monday friends!
did everyone have a good weekend?
i did, well no complaints anyway.
friday i made my cupcake cake, saturday i saw some of my favourite people ever, and sunday i wandered around downtown toronto on a lovely day and then my brothers + future sister in law came over for dinner. we got talking about my brother and lindsey's wedding, and i am soooo excited about it all. i can't wait to make them a very beautiful cupcake cake :)

i currently have some rainbow chip cuppy's in the oven. i have a cupcake order of 30 for tonight, so i am going to make and decorate them now, and then go babysit and then they will be picked up. i think they'll turn out great. it's a superhero theme, kinda. i am doing the icing in the primary colours which i think will be superb.

i think they announce the winners of the toronto cupcake contest today too! so think happy thoughts. annnnd, i am still waiting or that important email - grrrr.

jordan is going to disney world at the end of the month & i am so jealous
i wanna go so bad. and did i mention who my favourite character of all time is?
well, minnie mouse of course!

i love her so much. cutest ever.

side note ; know what is amazing? the smell of cupcakes :)

i can't believe how fast the days have been going by, i am back to work so soon! i can't wait though. i miss everyone at work, and just having a set routine from mon-fri. it will be nice to get back to the gym too! anddd get some money - although i must admit i am extremely proud of myself on the budgeting i have been doing over my time off. i haven't been paid for over a month but have been great with my money, this may be a new thing i do. haha. i have been making some $ babysitting and with my cupcakes though, so that's always nice.

one of my new favourite girls is audrey kitching, she is so amazing. best style ever, she's so pretty. see? ;

what a fox!

speaking of foxes, i was in a magazine store yesterday and saw kate winslet on the cover of elle, look at her! she is SO friggin pretty. she is just lovely :)

she looks fierce here.

i want this outfit!

oh, and i know i haven't done a featured friend in so long, i am slacking! so i decided i might as well do one today, yeah? that's the plan.


i met "crispy" aka christine, on my first ever ship - the STAR :) we instantly became pals and always had so much fun together. after spending a contract together on the star we kept in touch. about 6 months later we reunited in new orleans before joining the pearl. after a hilarious and almost extremely stupid night in new orleans, we spent two fun filled weeks together in the caribbean. unfortunately, we haven't seen eachother since then, but always make time to keep tabs on eachother's lives. whether it's through, snail mail, facebook or late night phone calls (and by phone calls i mean cripsy talking to my answering machine) we always stay in touch. she's an amazing person and a great friend and i am so glad she is in my life. i know if she lived closer, we'd be getting together to do arts and crafts, scrapbooking and baking! crispy, you are my featured friend and i lovvvvve ya girl :) <3

i wrote this blog earlier today, but saved it because i didn't have time to finish it, with my busy day!

now, i am finally relaxing with my green tea and my boys in blue. go leafs! <3

also, i am so happy with all the feedback i got on my toronto cupcake, and cupcake cake! i am currently waiting for a girl to come pick up her cupcake order, i really hope she likes them! i give everyone a cute hand made thank you card with their order to thank them for their business! hehehehe :)

well i think that's all i have to say, ohhhh, and i got twitter. i'm not sure why?
but add me ;


omfg. someone please buy me these. how CUTE are they? if i had these speakers i would take them with me everywhere i go! what will they think of next? i swear you can get cupcake everything! :)

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  1. audrey kitching, who is she?? other then absolutely fantastic! i want long, big hair like that but fire engine red...mmm, one day! she's sooo pretty. i can do without the blonde with the black stripes though (not a fan!)

    kate winslett has always been so gorgeos. she is pretty fierce in that magazine though hey?!

    oh pretty girls. pretty girls.


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