March 2, 2009

happy tutu day!

i got my tutu !!!
what a great start to a day. oh my, it's cute as can be, just as i thought!
it came in a cute package, with a nice card & everything.
i need to take some pics & post them soon.

it is SO cold out, like unbelievably.
ugh, i am so over winter. i just want all the snow to melt & spring to come.

i made a list of movies i want to see. one of them is definitely this movie one week
joshua jackson is adorable, and this movie is all about CANADA, it looks awesome.

so, i am watching the bachelor right now, the guy is just gorgeous, and seems really sweet. this show is fucked though, i mean...what a way to start a relationship with cheating on the person. this guy macks like 20 girls from the start, and then is in "love" with the bottom few girls, and it's just weird to think that he gets intimate and leads a bunch of girls on at once, it's quite sad really.

tonight is an exciting night, know why?
because JIMMY FALLON has his first show tonight, late night tv. oooh baby, i love him.♥

i'm thinking i might change my room around a bit tomorrow. i'm also going to bulk barn to stock up on cupcake supplies, and go to the mall as well. then tomorrow i am hanging out with my bff, cause it's her birthday on wednesday :)

happy cold as heck monday, geesh.


eeee! how cute is this calender? i want it, i want it, i want it! i wish i had one. and it's so true, cupcakes really do make me happy. just seeing anything cupcake is all smiles for me!

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