March 15, 2009

sunday night write.

hey friends :)
it's been a while, hasn't it?
hope everyone had a good end of week/ weekend!

i had an amazing time in niagra falls/ st catharines with my boy. it was wonderful! it was just so nice to get to spend so much time we pete, we always have so much fun together :) -

we got to our hotel around dinner time on thursday, and just went out & about and then out for dinner and watched some of the leaf game. had some drinks and the hotel and relaxed. friday was a fun filled day (still so cold though, brrrr) - we had lunch at a very cute pizzeria! loved it. then hungout at the hotel and then went back out for a delicious dinner!, then the casino! (i sucked) but petey won. yayyy :) then we went swimming at the hotel! fun times for sure, i can't wait for summer! we got back to the keefer palace around noon on saturday. i baked some jumbo cupcakes for the boys, who i missed so much. then we played road hockey for a good couple hours, i was loving it. pete made me a delicious dinner and then we headed to pete's friend craig's place downtown to watch the leafs beat the flames 8-6 (such a good game!) and play some FLIP CUP. after that we headed downtown, all the bars were really busy because of the pre-st.patty's day celebrations. we ended up at rockfords and they had a sick live band, i was rocking out all night, lovedddd it. today we were very hungover but my boy made me a bacon & eggs breaky and then we watched role models with the boys. i had so much fun that it was so sad to leave pete again. (sigh)

tomorrow is my last day of freedom before i start work again! i plan to get a few more organizing type things done while i have the time, and just relax! practice guitar too :) if it's nice outside i am going to go for a run, and then practice guitar outside for a while.

pete and i are still trying to secure our spring/summer plans on the ship. i am really hoping it all comes together soon so i can stop stressing and start looking forward to it. i am going to be around for july & august - because my brother is getting married!!! which will be so amazing. my work said i can come back for july and august too, which works out beyond perfect. it will be so nice, because i can save lots of money and get all my weekends off. i will continue to do my cupcakes on the side on the summer too because i think it will be a good time for that! come fall, depending on what is happening and where i am, i will start looking more seriously into opening my own store / business. i am so excited for so many things to happen, but i am just waiting for the right time. i'm also planning on taking a few night classes in the summer too! :)

i am really happy with how everything is going right now, i know everything will come together just great so i am not going to stress about anything! things are looking up, just in general ♥

i am just uploading some photo's and making a(nother) to do list. i think i might clean up a bit more, finish my laundry, and then read my book, because it is so good.

here are some cute photo's, just 'cause ;;

just a couple cuties.

look at this! it's a mini china teacup. cutest thing in the world.

cupcakes from one of my orders from last week!

another order from thursday!

me & my babe bein' silly :)

goodnight loveys


ROBOT CUPCAKES. robots are love, and so are cupcakes. and together? well that is just too much love. these are amazing

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