March 28, 2009

a sunny saturday :)

with you, everyday is more saturdayish

i am LOVING this sunshine. i just wish it could be a little warmer, but i know it's coming soon and i am okay with that. i had a good day at work yesterday:) didn't end up going out last night because i am still so broke. after next week i will no longer have this problem and will go out and have some funfunfun!

there are so many movies i want to see that are coming out soon! such as;

500 days of summer!

where the wild things are! ♥!!!

year one


i've come to realize i am such a movie buff. and i really just love going to the movies. geek?

i am still laying in bed, but it was so nice to sleep in, i woke up just after 10 to a good morning text from my boy and then sun shining through my window, just lovely. i think i am heading to the gym now, and then i may clean up my room a bit. i still wanna take everyone on a virtual tour of my room soon! maybe i will take some photo's today. visco & i are going to the mall around 3 and then we are going for the engagement dinner for derek & car, yeyeyeye <3


how cool is this? i love it.

i can't wait to get my bicycle! omfg.

since it's so nice i think me and my mom are going to go for a run instead of the gym! sweet.


i NEED this tank top! it might as well say "julie ross" on it, hahahaha :)

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