March 7, 2009

tell me to run and i'll race.

well, after a long hard and stressful night, i completed my first ever cupcake cake,
it turned out better than i thought to be honest!
here is what it looked like in the end, she wanted a "labatt blue" cake ;

not too shabby i'd say.

after that i created my "happy 175th birthday toronto" cupcake!
here it is ;
i made a jumbo chocolate cupcake, with yellow icing and coming out of it are some of my favourite things about toronto!;

it turned out okay, it's just for fun anyway!

i had a ringette game this morning at 11:45 in newmarket. we only had 7 players so i think we did amazing considering. we basically played a full game. i got a natural hat trick! in case you don't know what that is, it's 3 goals in a row :) it was a great workout, but things were getting quite snippy out there, hahaha.

right now i am just cleaning up and getting some things done, and in a few hours i am heading downtown for an amazing night with my babes!!! we are going to make our own pizza, and sundaes and play games & watch SNL, sounds perfect to me.

how could you not have fun with them? i mean really.

i gotta go pack my cupcake backpack & such. have a good gloomy saturday everyone!

edit - oh & here are a couple cuties i made yesterday :)


cupcake + popsicle = :)


i know it's just a little phone charm, but it's the cutest little phone charm in the worrrrld :)!

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  1. that cupcake cake is friggin incredible julie!! that's amazing. it turned out soooo good! so did the toronto cupcake, cuuuuute.

    i love the little things you made.
    i have those bows too...wal-mart ♥


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)