April 26, 2009

gossip girl.

sunday night!

how was everyone's weekend?
great, i hope.

i had an amazing weekend - although it went by way too fast, as most amazing weekends do.

after a good day at work on friday, i headed up to st.catharines to visit my bubby :) we had a good night! just hungout and then jammin' came to visit and it was wonderful to catch up with her into the wee hours.
saturday we got up and then headed to port dalhousie! we went to the beach, played volleyball for a while and then got some icecream ♥ - after the beach we hung out and had some fruit and dacquiri's while watching the pens move on to the next round in the playoffs! we spent the rest of the night snuggling while listening to the thunderstorm, i love that.
today petey moved back home to oakville, so we packed up all of his stuff and his dad came up and we loaded up the car and headed to oakville, and then had some tea with pete's mummy.

now i am drinking tea and watching gossip girl. this week is my last week of work (yeyeye) then i'll have 3 weeks before i go back on the ship to get all sorts of things done, including lots of crafts/things around the house i've been planning to do for a while now. may is such a busy month for me, it's unbelievable.

things i'm looking forward to;
♥ breast cancer fundraiser party/dance next saturday
♥ buffalo shopping trip with my bff next week
♥ pete's birthday (may 6th, it's goin to be perfect)
♥ lindsey's wedding shower & jess/jose's jack and jill
♥ may 24 weekend
♥ flying to NEW YORK & joining the ship.

yeyeye, not to mention the fact that i am excited for SUMMER.

i think i might go take a bath and read my book. gotta wake up early again tomorrow (sigh) - but tomorrow after work i am going to bingo with carly and kari, can't waiiiiiit


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  1. Hey Julie, what cruise line do you work for? do you have to be 21 to work? I reaally wanna do it next year when I'm done school!

  2. hey pretty lady!
    i work for norwegian cruiseline. you don't have to be 21 to work on the ship (well atleast not on norwegian!) you just have a "red stripe" meaning no drinking! you should totally do it, it's sooo fun. how old will you be next year? youngin'!

  3. Thanks! Haha I'm 20 this year and 21 next year, but not till October.


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