April 19, 2009

sunday updates.

i haven't blogged since wednesday... i've been so busy.

i had a really fun weekend actually!
friday was a good day at work, i was wearing one of my favourite summer dresses and it felt so great to be able wear that, i hope spring is here to stay :) - i brought in some cupcakes on friday for a lady at works birthday. after work sarah and i went to the park because it was so sunnny, and then we went to dinner and to the movies, we saw adventureland! - let me just say, most adorable movie ever. i actually LOVED it. the main guy in it is so frigging cute, he's a mix between andy samburg and michael cera (two of my favourites!) martin starr was in it too, i love him. and bill hader, kristen wigg, ryan reynolds, and kristen stewart. i can't decide if i like her or not... but she's pretty cute too. after the movies we went to the bear & firkin, and i saw so many people i hadn't seen in forever, it was hilarious, but pretty sweet too.

saturday, sarah and i went downtown shopping! it was a nice day and we did so much walking. i only got a few things suprisingly! i didn't see much which was disappointing but we had a great day, we went and hungout at sarah's boyfriends after, good times for suuuuure. then i came home and hungout with my bff.

today was nice, i slept in a bit and then went for a run, it was such a perfect day for that. i've been cleaning my room pretty much all day, and doing laundry and such. right now i'm watching she's all that! hahaha remember that movie? it was such a movie of "our time" - i think i might bake some cupcakes for someone i love right now! ♥ ♥ ♥

i'm going to go listen to the beatles & get inspired.

i may post more later,
but for now - have a happy sunday my loves.


aren't these beauitful and girly? i can't wait to make cupcakes for my brother and lindsey's wedding!!! :)

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