May 18, 2009

he's perfect in every way ♥ (& i bet these posts totally embaress him)

i had a busy day today, started to pack for the ship - i'm trying not to pack too much.
tonight i went downtown with peter, amanda and alleben - we went to jordan's show & it was amazing.
i played wii fit with my mom when i got home, too much fun!
i'm still soooo stuffed up and it sucks. my nose is all red and sore from blowing it so much. (sad face)

tomorrow i am waking up early and going out to get some things i need before i go away - hitting up walmart & the mall and then heading downtown to meet up with my boy and hang with sarah and jay :)

so much to do and so little time.
goodnight loves,

cupcake of the day ♥ ;

i made this one for this really sweet lady who works across the street at dominion, she's a florist and she's too cool!

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