May 22, 2009

i guess this is goodbye, long!

happy hot as f*ck friday everyone!!!

today my hottie is JAZON MRAZ ♥ - oh my, i love this boy. he makes such amazingly beautiful music, and i just find his extremely charming! he is coming to toronto this summer, i want to go see him SO bad, but it's the weekend of my birthday so i don't know if i will be around! hmphhhhh. anyway, jason mraz you rock my world. (also, his song "i'm yours" is mine and pete's song, awwwwww)

hey everyone!


i have had another busy couple of days of course. getting ready to leave TOMORROW :) oooh i am so stoked to be back in NEW YORKKKK, & of course sailing, on our way to bermuda ♥

i have SO much to do today, i will try to post one more entry today, but this may be my last one for a while!
i'm going to do my best to update while i'm away, although it won't be nearly as often and probably less exciting, and will lack photo's probably (hahaha, sounds brutal)

it's just that i have limited internet access and am always so busy on the ship! but i promise to keep you updated on my adventures at sea! i'm going to pre-write my entries on my laptop and then post them when i get on the internet. cool?

i am just finishing up packing. it's so hard to pack for almost 2 months. i don't think i'm crazy.... think about it! i am gone for about 50 days! think of how many outfits that is, how many DRESSES, shoes, scraves, accesories! not only that, but there are so many different types of clothes/shoes to bring ; dresses (fancy ones, business casual ones, SUN dresses), heels, flats, flipflops, work runners, gym runners, workout clothes, casual clothes, business casual clothes, fancy dresses for formal night and going out in, outfits for while in bermuda. HECTIC right?

i did my best. not only that BUT - we're in new york every week. NEW YORK! do you knowwww how much cute stuff is there? to buy! it's insane!!! hahaha

anyway, i need to go finish packing - and bake cupcakes & a cupcake cake (my last order for a few months!) and then i have to go to the bank, and then i'm going for dinner tonight and hopefully doing something fun with my pals :)


in the spirit of my adventure! BEACH CUPCAKES!

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  1. have a safe & happy trip jujubes!! take lots of photos & buy lots of cute things so i can be (even more) jealous of you...haha
    i love you!!
    happy sailing


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)