May 28, 2009

i'm aliiiiive.

hey friends/fellow bloggers!

well it took me long enough, but i am finally updating..

i'm currently laying on the top bunk in my cabin (i get the internet in my room this time, which is so sweet) not free, but sweet. everyone else went on a glass bottom boat booze cruise but i had late night so i couldn't go, bummmer :(

it's been a good and BUSY week; took time to get used to everything here but i think it's gonna be a good contract,

my roomie is a super awesome gal! so that's a huge plus - and petey's cabin is like 5 seconds away, and he's roomies with crocs. yeyeye.

yesterday we went to the beach at snorkel park but only for a bit since i had port play and had to work, last night we went on a booze cruise o hamilton, it was sooo fun. we went dancing at the club and then went to another club that was having a beer pong and flip cup tourney - mine and pete's team dominated of courseeee.

today it rained, oh brutal. but it was okay cause i was beyond hungover. tomorrow it's supposed to be hot and sunny so we're hitting the beach early. kids crew dinner tomorrow night and bollywood show.

pete and i are on the same age group this week, the 2-5's and they are so adorable, there's one little girl who is the cutest girl in the world i swear. the other night before our prince and princess parade, one of the counsellors said something about waving to mommy and daddy and she said "but my daddy's in heaven" in the cutest, sweetest voice ever. i swear i almost cried. i was going to say "mine too" :( - after that she said "can i just pretend he's here and wave to him in heaven?"

omfg kids are so cute.

okay, i am going to go and write in my cruise journal now.


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you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)