May 17, 2009

i've been neglecting you.

my life has been so unbelievably busy- the fact that i haven't had a spare second to update since wednesday is probably proof. it's so weird, thank goodness i had these couple of weeks off before leaving, i can't imagine juggling work with all the other things i've had on the go in the last while.

life has been great though! i've got to see a lot of my friends lately, and spend a lot of time with pete which is always so amazing. it seems like lately we always have something to look forward to! one exciting adventure after another, what a way to live your life eh?

my mom and i went to the cemetary to visit my dad's grave on wednesday, we fixed up the garden and brought some pretty flowers. never an easy thing to do, but it's nice to go there.

thursday during the day i baked 24 cupcakes for an order that was for friday (24 summer like cupcakes for matty's birthday) - then we all headed downtown, where i met up with pete and about 20 of our friends at the loose moose, for drinks and food for matt's birthday! after that we all headed to the JAYS GAME, they were playing the yankees and it wasn't as exciting as the previous two times they played eachother, but we all had SO much fun! we chirped and hollared at the yanks, and drank beers and celebrated! classic night.

friday morning i headed to yorkdale with my girls on a search for a bridesmaid dress for heather's wedding (which is next february something tropical) we didn't have much luck unfortunately but we all had an awesome time together! shortly after the shopping trip we headed to heather's and had a GAMES NIGHT with heather's mom too, who i loveeee. we played scrabble, scattegories, and pictionary! loved it.

i started feeling so sick on friday night though, total bummer. stuffed up, sore throat, sneezy, head ache - UGH! i woke up feeling like death yesterday but i really wanted to go to oakville to pete's because we had plans to go to misissauga for his friends birthday! so, i piped up and tried to get over it - baked some birthday cupcakes and then headed to peteys. he made us some really yummy pizza! and his mom brought some wine home, and she bough me an adorable necklace (i adore her) petey's friends from school picked us up and we headed to his friends place for the night - we had an awesome time for sure, it was soooo cold out though! insane!! played flip cup, beer pong, hungout by the fire and watched the season finale of SNL, i am obsessed with that show, i love laughing! i headed home early today because i really had to get home and get some things done, i realized my time is slowly running out and i am leaving in less than a week!

i'm excited forrr ;

can't wait to go to the spa, swim, go in the hot tub etc;

going on dinner dates with my boy on the ship! and attempting at liking sushi!

group yc dates in bermuda! love.

NEW YORK!!!! and one of my favourite stores ever.

bermuda! going to the most beautiful beaches in the world, with the best and bluest ocean.

so much to look forward to! yesssss.
i'm going to go shower and then rent a movie, i haven't done that in foreverrrr.


these are some cupcakes i made for my birthday party last year, neon themed! fun table eh?

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