May 19, 2009

she was like mistletoe.

i'm listening to crush luther ; it's so weird because i haven't in forever & it brings back memories

i'm feeling a tiny bit better but still have such a horrible sinus head ache, i just took some tylenol sinus and i am burning a vanilla candle and pouring shampoo and conditioner into travel bottles! hehehe - the packing is coming along quite nicely actually, i think i'm in good shape as of now but we'll see.

i'm bummed because i was supposed to go downtown tonight and meet up with pete, sarah and jay and go see adam at second city, but i am just feeling brutal, and sometimes i need to realize that i just need to relax for once, and actually try to get better. i'm sad though because now i won't see pete until saturday
(saturday however, at our hotel in new york!!!)

i woke up at 7:30 this morning and headed to walmart and the mall to do a bunch of errands. got most of my stuff done which is a huge load off. i finished my book as well, which i loved. today at the mall i bought the book "julie and julia" i've heard good things, and the movie looks so cute! - besides it was $6 , how can you go wrong?

i lost my to-do list while i was shopping, which is a total disappointment 'cause now i don't know what to do! that and it would be funny for whoever found it.

tomorrow i actually have no plans which is good because i need to get a lot of things done. i want to have the majority of my packing doe so i can just relax and enjoy my last few days before i leave.

i've got 2 cupcakes orders to do before i go away, one on thursday and one of friday - each of 24 cupcakes. i'm looking forward to making them, and i am also looking forward to having a little break from making them because it can be so tiring! i will be so jonesing for it when i get back though! 6 weeks without baking cupcakes? that's bloody murder!

so i don't know if you knew this about me, but i am a total movie geek. i love movies and i loveeee going to the movies.
there are currently SO many movies i want to see, some of them are ;

500 days of summer!

year one!

funny people!

the boat the rocked!


PAPER HEART (!!!!!!!!!) ♥

my sister's keeper!


julie and julia!



  1. julie and julia is my favourite book. ever.
    and i'm pretty sure it'll soon be my favourite movie ever, too.
    let me know what you think of it!!

  2. awww really? yayyyy!
    it looks so cuuuuute.

    i am saving the book for the plane / & the beach! yeyeye


  3. i think you should add "away we go" to this list because it has john krasinski in it (jim from 'the office') and he is just faaaabulous!
    plus it looks cute.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)