July 29, 2009

500 days of summer ♥

500 days of summer ; such an adorable movie! they are both the cuuuutest. & i saw it with the cutest boy ever, hehehe.

just a quick update to remind you all the haven't forgotten about you sweethearts.

after this weekend/the wedding i will be back to updating all the time, promise :)

also, i plan on blogging my own little julie & julia project for the 120 cupcakes i am baking for my brother's wedding, exciting eh!? i will include lots of photo's and time lines. stoked!

how is everyone? feeling good? i hope so!

life is great.


minnie mouse is my favourite character of all time! oh and mickey is pretty cute too. hehehe this are adorbes.


  1. i want to see this movie soooooo badly!! it's not playing anywhere around me :(

  2. Holy crap 120 cupcakes!? lol You're a brave gal! I love those mini and mickey cupcakes! I haven't even seen the previews for that movie lol I'm out of the loop - I love that boy in the movie!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)