July 7, 2009

heal the world.

Outside My Window
fresh air. wind. trees. my pool. swing. (i am so happy to have a window again)

I Am Thinking
about how much i am going to be hurting tomorrow because of boot camp / that i have lots to do / that i can't wait for a dinner and movie date with my bff tomorrow / that i miss my boyfriend.

I Am Thankful
for so much. & to have lots of people to love, and who love me.

From The Kitchen
cuppycakes !!! i haven't made them in almost 2 months, i can't wait to make some for thursday :)

I Am Wearing
black track pant shorts and a royal blue tee. [i'm in bed]

I Am Creating
a massive to do list
plans for lindsey's bachelorette
a very organized room and closet.

I Am Going
to work tomorrow.
to get fit.
to get my hair done next week :)
to give my boy so many snuggles when he gets home.
to accomplish a lot of goals in the next few months.

Around The House
my suitcases (almost unpacked)
craft supplies everywhere
ingredients for my cupcakes
my clean laundry.

One of My Favorite Things
always going on adventures with my boy. it's so amazing to be with someone who you can never get sick of, and always want to go out and do different things every day. we've got so many plans, it's so amazing.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week
dinner & movie date with bff (going to see my sister's keeper)
off thursday (hanging by the pool) - baking cuppycakes, going to toronto for lindsey's bachelorette. (dinner, pub crawl, karoke, strip club etc)
going to amy's cottage for linds' bachelorette weekend
i'm sososososo excited. we're doing yoga, mud masks, drawing sessions and so much more!

today was a good day. woke up around 10 - went over to the bank and store to get some things i needed, did laundry, unpacked, cleaned & organized, watched mj's memorial (so so so sad), & i also ordered some cute stuff from RVA :)
my mom and i had our first class for boot camp, omfg it was so intense. i am going to be hurting SO much tomorrow.

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  1. It's good to have you back in blog land! Glad to hear you had a great trip/stint on the boat :)


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