July 27, 2009

la la love.

my life is so insanely busy, it's crazy!

i apologize for my lack of updates lately, i've just had soooo much on the go.

i got my hurr did a little while ago, i like it, but plan on changing it again in the fall...to something a bit different maybe - i'm just waiting until after my brother's wedding :)

last weekend was so fun! pete came down on thursday & we hungout and then once i was done work on friday, me, pete, carly and derek all headed to kingston for the weekend to see tara, her baby & family! we had so much fun. we drank, laughed, went tubing, went for icecream, went on the atv's & played board games. last night once i got home, my family was all here to celebrate mine & my brother's birthdays! so much fun.

today i worked and then went out after work and got a bunch of things i needed for the wedding, and got lots of pictures developed! got some really cute stuff at winners ; andy warhol painting (my 2nd one in 2 weeks!), a new red chair for my desk, new picture frame, photo album, etc etc.

this week i am sooo busy ;

tuesday ♥ - working 8:30-4:30, bulk barn on my lunch, boot camp 6-7, and then i have 2 cupcake orders - one for 24 and one for 12. :)

wednesday ♥ day off! meeting up with pete downtown, going for lunch with his dad, shopping, meeting up with my friend jess who i met in banff, maybe seeing a movie?, maybe hanging with lindsey, there's a million things i might do.

thursday ♥ - working 8:30-4:30, getting my nails done after work, boot camp 6-7, and then starting to make the butter cream icing for the cupcakes!!!

friday ♥ - day off! going for a pedicure at the elmood spa with my mom, lindsey and her mom, meeting up with pete downtown, starting my cupcake challenge of 120 cupcakes!

saturday ♥ - finishing up the cupcakes - getting them all packed up, heading to brampton with my mom, blair and pete. checking into our hotel :), going to the rehearsal dinner at lindsey's parents, partying in our hotel rooms.

sunday ♥ - the day of wedding!!!♥ waking up kinda early, heading to lindsey's parents house around noon, doing hair and makeup and champagne with the girls, bridesmaid photo shoot, goldschlager in the limo!, going to the wedding!!!, having the best time everrrrr.

monday ♥ - brunch at lindsey's parents place with the families, heading home to p-town

how fun does that sound?

here are a few cute new things i bought, (i have to upload my newest ones still) ;;

my fawn ring, from RVA

holy cute bag! also from RVA (in love)

one of my favourite quotes of all time. i got this at indigo, 50% off. love itttt.

little cook book from tammy, all the way from australia.

awww. i'm really getting my children's book collection going.

one of my favourite books growing up, i finally found this one.

such a classic!

well, now wasn't that exciting.
i got a solid amount of things scratched off my 'to-do list' tonight, one big one being writing a speech for my brother's wedding.

i gotta go read my book now, and then sleep. ooh and hopefully have a phone date with my boy.

have i mentioned that i am sooooo in love!


i baked these babies for my friend nat's birthday a few weeks ago :)


  1. Your hair looks amazing! The first picture is soo pretty. And oh my gosh the bernstain bears junk food book was definitely my fav too hahah I think I just liked looking at all the pictures of food/candy.

  2. awwww thanks love! & omg same here, when i bought it me and my brother were looking through it saying the very same thing!!!


  3. your life is allllways so busy and cute and amazing *sigh* i wish i had things always going on like you do.

    i lovelovelove that mirror photo of you...that dress looks fantastic on you. you look great julie!! your hair, your bod...the whole kit and kaboodle! haha.

    love you ♥

  4. Your hair looks perfect!!! I really like your outfit in the mirror picture! Too cute!

  5. www.jessiesteele.com/catalog.php

    I saw these and thought of you. Check them out <3


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