August 25, 2009

another great day!
work was kinda boring, but afterwards we had boot camp. & was it tough tonight! but it felt great, & that's the main thing. such an intense workout, i was sweating so much (gross!)

i've really put myself on a budget for the next few months, i must admit it will be very tough since i love shopping & buying people presents, and doing fun things - but i need to really crack the whip & start saving. the flights for thailand are already paid for which is a lot of the trip, but i need to start saving $$$ for spending money so we can do a lot of traveling while we're there. && then when i get home, the plan for now is to go back to my job at the rec centre, from the end of november until the end of january - save for my friend heather's wedding in mexico that is in february (i'm a bridesmaid!) & then start looking for a job and apartment downtown toronto. sound like a plan? not bad for now, we'll see what happens though.

i just had a bubble bath & it was so wonderful. i read my book & just relaxed. i decided i am going to try and have one bubble bath a week ; they just make you feel great. and we all should feel great, shouldn't we?

i'm currently working on a big clean out of my room, trying to de-clutter, which is extremely difficult for me, since i like to keep everything. but as long as it's all organized then it's okay, right? right?
in the next week i plan on taking my fellow bloggers on a virtual tour of my room! it has to be looking just right!
here is a preview :) ;

well, i really should go get ready for bed, haha, it's 10:09 - i'm such a grandma.


okay seriously. this cupcake is LOVE.

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