August 18, 2009

i love this.

i'm hoping to get my tattoo in the next few weeks
& i also think i'm going to get my nose pierced again.
i had to take it out on the ship & i actually really miss it.

should i?
that's one piercing i really really like for sure.

i had a nice relaxing night last night, just got some things organized & started planning for a wedding shower i'm having for my friend heather on wednesday.
it was nice to sleep in today, well until 9:00 - but that's 2 hours more than most days!
i am currently listening to one of the mix cd's my boy gave me for my birthday :) - & about to head to the bus, i'm working 11-7 today. i'm working out on my lunch & then i've got a lot of cupcakes to bake tonight! i need to bake some for the shower, and i have an order of a dozen for a girl from work! woo-hoo :)

hope everyone is feeling as happy as i am :)


just adorableeee, i've been seeing these everywhere, too cute.


  1. i know WHAT you're getting but WHERE?

    love that photo of you..

  2. did your nose hurt? I'd think about it, but I've heard its the worst

  3. car, i am getting it on my ribs on the right side like under my armpit? haha that sounds gross! thanks lovey

    & becky - not at all !!! i've honestly got it pierced about 10 times since i was 16, just from having to take it out and then wanting it again! do itttt xo


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)