August 9, 2009

sunday's are best.

i'm getting seriousssly pissed at the rain!
it's so frustrating. - i like it sometimes, but this is just getting silly.

today, on our way to the subway pete and i got caught in the most insane thunderstorm (it was actually kinda awesome)
i'm home now, relaxing. i think i'm going to go grab a huge pile of my favourite dvd's & watch a couple today, and some throughout the week. i'm also going to watch full house on dvd, cause it's amazing!

carly, i love how you just posted about lilly being your girl crush, because i have been collecting pictures of zooey (my new number one girl crush!) (btw, i lovvve lilly too)

since i am honestly in LOVE with the movie 500 days of summer, it renewed my love for her :)
zooey deschanel

red + bows = favourites.

she's so fierce.

classy lady.


pretty pretty pretty.

beautiful, + best bike everrrr.

omfg, i love this.


summer time fruit smoothie cuppycakes. awwww


  1. ooooh she is sososo cute as well! i love her eyes...reminds me of alexis bledel a little who is also really cute.

    ps: those cupcakes look refreshing. mmmm, i wonder how they made the little 'water droplets'

  2. Zooey rocks! Those cupcakes look pretty awesome too!

  3. i love her too! she is so much more real than the majority of actresses. she kinda reminds me of rachel mcadams in that sense.


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