August 23, 2009


hi everyone!
first off (if anyone does actually read this) i'm so sorry i have sucked at updating lately, i know i have! i am so insanely busy but honestly after today, there's no more birthdays, showers, bachelorettes, weddings or anything for a while! i am looking forward to relaxing, getting things done, sending some snail mail, scrapbooking, and getting to use my sewing machine!!!!

also, HUGE news!
me and my boy are going to THAILAND!!!♥

we are going for a month to travel :) leaving on october 13th! so stokedddd. like beyond.

i just got home from the cottage & now i have to get ready because i am heading to a wedding shower.

i will update later,
& coming this week ; cute & fun blog posts!


  1. i can't believe your life sometimes julie. i don't know how you do it...i just wish that i could too.

  2. Oh my god, I am jealous! You are going to love Thailand. Not that I would know, because I go no where. BUT, I have heard from others that it is fantastic. :)

  3. carly, you're so funny! you CAN do it girl, i knowwww you can! :) if it's not happening, MAKE it happen <3

    & yessss, i am with you on that, i have heard nothing but amazing things about thailand, i am so excited xo

  4. thailand!!! that's so exciting!


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