September 15, 2009


there's such a fall chill in the air, and i love it.
i've been waiting for these nights since the start of september.

i've had a good & busy couple days of work. i am not letting things get to me, and refusing to let anyone attempt to get me down. got to spend a lot of time with my bubby last weekend which was nice. friday night we hungout with my big brothers & sis and had a great time catching up, we went to a wonderful italian place in toronto and the out for drinks :) - saturday we relaxed all day, spent time outside, then hungout with carly & derek and went to our friend's 70's themed jack and jill, which was tons of fun. i won one of the prizes, it was a big bag full of toiletries like shave cream, razors, body wash, shampoo again. i love that stuff so i was super stoked, and even better, i can take it on my trip! wonderful. sunday was a chill day, went to a birthday bbq for a ringette mom, and then cuddled, & watched the VMA's - which were extremely entertaining by the way. (katy perry + queen = love) after work on monday me & pete went to walmart & the dollar store to pick up some things from our trip, we're having so much fun prepping for this trip together, it's quite cute. he's gone again which still breaks my heart every time.

i'm trying to get more into twitter, but i've given it a try for a while now and still don't love it.
feel free to prove me wrong ;

things that were good about today ;

♥ i worked out on my lunch.
♥ i was cold at work, so my friend/co-worker brought me in a blanket after her lunch (a christmas one!)
♥ i found a good travel clinic in toronto, that's not too expensive.
♥ practiced driving after work (i'm getting so much better)
♥ i did some organizing.
♥ my brother sent me an amazing 1960's beatles cartoon
♥ i'm having a tea & looking forward to my goodnight phonecall with my love.

i updated my "movies i want to see" list today, and one that is at the top of that list is whip it
i think it looks adorable! plus any movie with ellen page, drew barrymore, kristen wiig, & jimmy fallon is probaby a movie i want to see,'s about roller derby girls! how adorable.

this week is going to be nice because i work 8:30-4:30 every day, and not only is friday the staff bbq (2 hour lunch), pay day, and well the end of the week - but i am also having a girls night with my boys and i am beyond excited. peter, fab and jordan make me so happy & i am beyond excited for our long overdue hangout on friday. ooh & fab is giving me some sexy blunt bangs.

i'm going to go put away my laundry, pack my gym bag for tomorrow, update my ipod, read my book, maybe watch an episode of GG, and perhaps sleep (if i have time)


kermy with a cupcake? now that is cutttte. i love him.


  1. what a sweet friend to bring you a blanket at work!!!

  2. I can't wait to see whip it. The trailer looks cool.

    And I love Kermit!!

  3. post photos from the 70s party!!

  4. i know, it was the cuuutest :)

    & yesss whip it. love! and kermy <3

    car, i barely have any pics from that night :(

  5. kermyyyyyyyyyy with a cupcake!!! SO CUTE :D


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