September 29, 2009

tuesday ; day off.


i'm watching who's the boss?
& it's amazingggg. we just got some new channels, and one of them is TV land! i'm usually not too much of a tv watcher, but i do love old shows, so this is fun! we have a channel with all old cartoons too, like the smurfs & racoons. perf.

yesterday was a good day at work, i only have 2 days left! crazy. i went to the gym after work and had such a good workout, i really want to make some changes in my exercise / diet.

i love having days off during the week, it's so great. today i will just be doing some things here and there. scrapbooking a bit, and i think i'll go on a bike ride. later i am going to the bank to get some traveller's cheques, and then me and my mom are going to practice driving, go to home sense & costco. stoked!

yesterday at work a lady had magazines you could order for a year subscription, after looking through i chose martha stewart living. martha always has such great ideas in her magazines, crafty stuff, and cooking stuff. it's wonderful. so i got a 1 year subscription for $28.

pitter patter let's get atter.
time to make use of this day off!


just beautiful.


  1. I want a Tuesday off!!!! Lucky gal! ;)

  2. i used to love who's the boss hehe

    i would love to have a day off during the week! then i'd get more done and my weekends wouldn't feel so busy. you are a lucky duck ;)

    p.s. i love your cupcake of the day freaking CUTE and yummy to look at!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)