September 7, 2009

lazy sunday, even though it's monday.

well, i must say my last weekend of the summer was quite nice.

friday night i made 50 cupcakes ; how lovelllly! & then watched GG. saturday morn' i took the train to oakville to see my babe, we relaxed for a bit & then headed to st.catharines for a night of fun for one of pete's good buddies birthday, they're all so fun! it was a great night filled with partying, flip-cupping, beer ponging and laughs. after a long and gruelling walk home from the bar we all crashed & then woke up early and went to a small breakfast joint for an amazing (&cheap!) bacon and eggs breakfast, love!
we arrived back to pete's in oakville around 1 on sunday, and just relaxed all day, had an amazing nap and a wonderful dinner with pete's mom. sat outside for a while, had a tea & walked to the store to rent some movies. we got the squid and the whale it was interesting, but good & grandma's boy i'd seen it before & it was sooo funny.

today we just hungout & did some thailand research. we're currently working on mapping out our route for our trip as it is quickly approaching! we researched some amazing beaches in the south, and also some hotels for our stay in chian mai! it's SO cheap to stay in a hotel there, $10-$20 a night! and some places are around $70 a week! so amazing, and they look beyond beautiful.

our flight arrives in bangkok, but we are taking a plane right to chiang mai (north thailand) because that's where my uncle lives so we want to visit there first!

chiang mai ;;

koh phi phi ( & southern thailand) ;;

ooooh just thinking about this trip makes me feel like i'm flying! can't wait..

i'm going to go scratch some things off my to do list.
more later, quite possibly.


i want, i want, i want!

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  1. oh julie...always with the to-die-for're making us all supremely jealous...


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