September 30, 2009


modern family!
i am in love witht the gay couple!

just snuggling up with petey, and watching modern family with my mom and blair.

♥! so glad my boy is finally here.

tomorrow i am off (woo hoo!) me and my bubby are sleeping in, having a sweet breakfast, baking cupcakes (pete will be the tester), heading over to the travel agency (to bring our travel agent a cupcake!), and then we're having "the ringette famiy" over for chinese food & the FIRST LEAF GAME OF THE SEASON !!!!!! beyond stoked.

friday is my last day of work! (until november) so i am bringing in some cuppy's, and then after work i am heading downtown to meet up with jordan, and perhaps fab too! i am going to get my nose re-pierced on friday too, i miss it so much! thennn, we're going out for dinner - and then going to see whip it! yeyeyyee, i wanna see it so bad. i love ellen page.

gotta go snuggle now!


holy fucking shit!


  1. I just wanted to say Hey and I love Modern Family it seems like its going to be a funny show!

  2. heyyyy!
    oh man, it is just hilarious.
    such a different type of show/humour.
    loving it so far:)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)