September 24, 2009

thursday has never looked so good.

another week has flown by! it's crazy how fast time flies.

this week was extra amazing because i have/had two days off :)

i worked monday, and tuesday - and then tuesday after work i headed downtown to meet up with petey so we could go to a travel clinic downtown, make sure we have everything we need for our trip (which is in 20 days by the way!)
after that, which was really successful by the way...we went for dinner at jack astor's and then i bought the cutest most awesome new suitcase! it was on sale for $70 which i've come to realize is really cheap for a suitcase, well for a good quality one!
we headed to oakville and hung with pete's mom (she's so amazing) and just lounged. i stayed over since i had wednesday off! we just snuggled and relaxed all day, perfectionnnn. went out for dinner with pete's dad to the keg for dinner, yummy :)

today was a good day, especially since i knew it was my last day of work for the week. i had a productive day, i practiced driving on my lunch, and then went to the gym after work and had such a good workout. i'm extremely excited for this weekend? why? because i have nothing to do. i don't remember the last time i actually got to say that. tomorrow i plan on sleeping in, cleaning and organizing my room, cleaning the spare room, starting to pack, and crafting. we might go to the bar tomorrow night too which would be fun because i haven't been to a bar in pickering for so long. saturday i plan to go for a run, and hangouts with carly & sarah - hopefully scrapbooking as well. so stoked on just relaxing.

i still have to blog about my amazing weekend last weekend!!!
here we go ;

first here are some pictures of me with these awesome UP balloons that were at my work (right by my desk! love)

i love balloons.


some bff cupcakes i made.

me and fab, my sexy hairdresser :)

my loves

the mickey to my minnie.

i had so much fun with my girls boys! they make me so happy. we gossiped, drank wine, made dinner, giggled, had photoshoots, fab cut my hair :), ate cupcakes, watched 17 again. i never wanted to leave!

saturday i worked which was fun and then went to baby sofie's 1st birthday.

sunday i met up with my friend ash who i hadn't seen since last february! we took the train downtown and did some shopping. we got lots of cute stuff from urban outfitters, they always have the best sales! we wandered around catching up on the last while of our lives, it was great. we went to jeans for lunch (obvs!) it was wonderful and then continued to shop around. i loveddddd seeing her, she's SO amazing! one of my favourite people for sure, even though i've only known her for about a year, it was an instant love! hehehe - some pictures from our adventures ;;

we did photobooth pictures, obvs.

best day!

now i am just relaxing in my room, listening to the beatles. making some fancy polaroids on rollip. i will post them all tomorrow! i think it's tea time now. :)


some cuppy's i made.


  1. That Up thing is so cool!

    But most importantly - Your hair looks sooooo super cute!! I love it -the cut is perfect and color makes you look nice and tan! :)

  2. it's awesome eh? the up balloons!
    thanks becky! i am enjoying my hair so far, it's a lot of work but it's fun! thank you xoxo

  3. looooooove your hair
    and you are SO skinny JULIE!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)