October 2, 2009


today was an okay day, kinda dark and gloomy.
well it began with my babe leaving, so that's never fun :(
but today was my last day of work (until november 25th), so i brought in some cuppycakes. it was really dead today, which was fine because i did some reading with the new thailand books we got from our travel agent. it looks so amazing, the different excursions, tours and day trips look so incredible. 11 days :)

i was supposed to go downtown to see whip it with jordan, but he's on the set of the new jonas brothers movie! hehehe. so i am kinda okay with just snuggling up on the couch, watching tv & movies, and doing some wii fit in my hoodie and trackies.

rain, rain, rain - i kinda love it.
i wish my cutiepie was here to snuggle though!
9 reasons to love the rain;;









today is also hotasfuck friday.
today's babe;

tyson ritter, such a friggin' babe. he fits my criteria for a cute boy ; really tall, lanky, goofy, cute, big lips, nice eyes, cute style!

i forgot to mention, that i am welcoming october with open arms!
i'm quite sad i will be missing a good amount of autumn & halloween - but i am missing it for a sweet reason so i guess it's okay! i was going to be a cupcake for halloween :)

candy apples, mmm!

apples are love. how cuuuute.

oooh, my friend just called, we might go out! i better something with myself!

happy friday loves!


  1. love all of the pictures. and i think it's really cute that you made cupcakes for everyone (they're supposed to be giving you the going-away goodies!).
    i hope you have an amazing time on your trip. i'm sure you will!

  2. mmm! i love rain!!!!!!!

  3. hehehe aw chelseybell, you're such a sweetie. and you are right, i always do stuff like that - give people cards/goodies/gifts when i'm the one leaving! thanks love.

    and biscuit, me too! it's the best xo


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