October 9, 2009

rainy rainy friday.

good morning! okay, good lunch!

this rain, all this rainnnnn.
is it just me or is it so hard to do productive things when it's raining?

i have to go over to the bank, the travel agent, and the doctor's but i keep waiting it out to see if it clears up a bit.
so, i'll make my buttercream icing and then decorate some pretty purple cuppycakes.

i spent a while on the phone with pete last night, brainstorming roller derby names for me!
i even went on the toronto roller derby website :)

today is friday! HAPPY FRIDAY.
it's also hot as f*ck friday!

after seeing him in whip it last night, i totally had to go with landon pigg! what a cutie. he's so adorable, even though he's a bit goofy. i love the tall, skinny, nerdy band boys. i mean, who doesn't? what a babe eh?

i'm SO excited for this weekend :)
why you ask?

today/friday ♥
+ baking cupcakes
+ going for boston pizza for kari's birthday!
+ going to BINGO! (wish me luck guys)
+ hanging with carly & sarah - maybe going to the bear&firkin :)

tomorrow/saturday ♥
+ finishing my scrapbook for my uncle al
+ doing some thanksgiving-ish baking
+ my brothers & sister are coming over
+ we cranked the heat in our pool and are all going for a night swim
+ petey comes!!!
+ board games
+ yummy dinner
+ hopefully my favourite aunt and uncle are coming over

sunday ♥
+ baking cupcakes for my grandma and grandpa 62nd wedding anniversary. can you believe it? 62 years!
+ going to the flea market
+ going to my aunt's for thanksgiving dinnnnnnner
+ yummy dinner! (our last canadian one for a while!)
+ pUMPkiNNN PieeeEEE.
+ prepping for our trip

monday ♥
+ last day before we go!!!

solid weekend ahead, i am quite excited indeed.
i better go get some stuff done though!

hello to my new followers & friends.
commentttt :]




  1. i actually find it inspiring and easy to get things done when it rains. i don't want to leave the house but i like getting things done within the house.

  2. haha yeah i guess i meant basically leaving the house at all. i've already done so much today, including baking a batch of cupcakes, all iced and ready to go! i guess they are good for somethin'!

  3. I don't know if I could eat those hamburger cupcakes, but they sure are cute. Have an amazing trip!!!
    PS. Rain is an energy killer for me.

  4. those are my fav. cupcakes youve posted!
    make some!!!

  5. This reminded me of you! hahaha



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