October 8, 2009

roller derby girl.

i had a good day today.
better than yesterday.

i woke up and headed over to the mall to buy the rest of the things that i needed for our trip! we are more than ready to go. after the mall i headed to my work to say goodbye and go out for lunch with my boss, she's so awesome! then i went for a pedicure, ooh it was lovely, the girl was so sweet and i got some neon pink toes - which will hopefully go good with my tan i'll be getting in the next month :)

after that my bff came to pick me up, we went shopping for a birthday gift for a very special girl and then i baked a big batch of cupcakes for my mom to sell for the united way bake sale! and thennnnnn - we went to see whip it!. i was so pumped because i've wanted to see it for so long, it was adorableee, and now i want to join a roller derby. i found one in toronto so i honestly might! i've been skating for 20 years so i'd have that part down pretty fast! cool eh?

miss ellen page, was simply adorable... as usual!

& of course, drew. amazing!
i recommend if for a fun girls night out movie.

so i'm all packed and pretty much ready to go, a few last minute things i need to do before we go, but i will do most of that when i do my errands tomorrow. i did such a good job packing lightly, i am very proud of myself. lots and lots of room to buy really cute cheap stuff in thailand, wonderful.
lately i've been wearing my hair curly.wavy and i am really liking it like that, it's nice to give my hair a break from the straightener and it's also way easier - and since i am going to be spending a month in such intense heat, i figure i better get used to my curls and embrace them.



well, that's all for tonight. i've got a busy but wonderful weekend ahead of me.
get to spend a lot of time with my amazing friends, amazing family and amazing boyfriend.
life's good.

happy thursday.


it's a cupcake truck!!! gosh, another reason to love new york.


  1. roller derby, funnn!! what were the names you thought of? i really want to see whip it! i hope it plays in ptbo, it probably will...i think i remember seeing a poster for it! anyway, i love love love drew barrymore...she's my favourite! and so beautiful!

    speaking of beautiful, your cuuuurls look beautiful! obviously i'm a little biased as i prefer to wear mine curly. but i'm super jealous of yours as yours is the exact length i want mine to be!!

  2. Your hair does that NATURAL? So pretty!
    My hair naturally waves but it looks really frizzy, so I have to use a finger-waving iron to get it looking decent. Bah! Lucky, pretty lady!

  3. i want to see that movie so bad! drew and ellen are two of my most favorite actresses, so i must!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)