November 20, 2009


happy hot as fuck friday everyone!
today's hottie is robert pattinson. okay, at first i was all "what's so special about him?" now i'm all - fuck, he's just sexy. hahaha! i am totally diggin' him lately. & i am watchin' him on ellen right now. the accent is a definite plus. loveloveloveeee!

yesterday i got a really adorable package from this sweetheart, angie. i got so much cute stuff! she is so artistic. i got a christmas sticker book, a christmas notebook, so much cute stuff.

today was a good day. my mom and i woke up early for our ulimate day of shopping. first we went to the ashley sale, then ikea, then home sense, party packagers, and winners.

i must admit. i love ikea! that place is just incredible. i was just giddy when i was there, thinking about all the things i will get once i get my own place in toronto. my mom bought me a new lamp, and a new book shelf! for my room - so i will be doing a lot of rearranging in the next couple of days.

i am verrrrry excited about this weekend! tomorrow is bff day! my bestfriend tara and her baby (who is almost 2 now, omg) are coming down for the day/night. sleepoverrrr! & carly is coming too, of course. we are going to have a cute girly day and watch christmas movies and giggle, and probably drink some wine :) sunday will also be splendid - it's my friends stef's wedding shower! it will be cute times for sure.

 i finally got all my photo's on my computer! expect some cute ones soonskies!


i don't even really like twilight. but lately, i've been thinking "hmmmm, should i like twilight?" i haven't seen the first one but i think i'll rent it, and then go see the new one. just causeee.


  1. yay! i hope you liked everything! <3

  2. Don't hold your breath on the first Twilight movie. It was pretty bad. However, New Moon is spot on. Read the book first in the case of Twilight.

  3. no, you shouldn't like's lame. and that dude from it is creepy lookin'

    ikea IS awesome though
    i spent waaaaay too much monies there. bought completely all new stuffs. so fun

  4. if we are talking the twilight movies, EW. they are pretty much the worst ever. if we are talking the books... they're pretty addicting to be honest. they're not very well written but the author is pretty damn good at sucking you in. edward is every girls dream come true, and the movies do absolutely no justice to his character.


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