November 14, 2009

i'm backkk

oh, hi!
happy saturday everyone <3
i'm home, & it's wonderful!
i had the most incredible time in thailand, it was filled with constant adventures and so many amazing times with the love of my life! we made so many memories and i am so thankful that i had the chance to go - i loved spending time with my uncle (who i have missed so much) and taking in a new culture. it also made me realize how lucky i am to have all the things that i have!

we arrived home on thursday - however, we thought we were arriving on friday, but because of all the times changes and everything we got confused! it was crazy! it was such a long journey home, it basically took us 48 hours. our sleeping patterns have been so off, and we are quite jet legged. we woke up at about 7  yesterday and rented *UP* which i totally loved. we had a nap in the afternoon, and then my brothers and my sis came over for dinner (chicken pot pie) and we looked at all our photo's and such - we actually had such a fun night! we went to bed at about 1am and then woke up at 5am! we are so messed up. this morning we watched knocked up and then made french toast for breaky! we've just been kinda relaxing and taking it easy today. tonight we're going to order some pizza, cuddle, and watch the leaf game! HOCKEY, i've missed you!

i am going to post my photo's soon, i promise! but first i need to put a bunch of my photo's on a hard drive so i can fit all my thailand ones on my mac! they will be coming at some point this week though! :)

so, i must admit. i am extremelyyyyy excited for christmas, obvs! i basically am christmas! it was impossible to feel christmasy while i was in thailand because it was SOSOSO hot, but since i've been home, i have been starting to get into the christmas spirit. & i know once i go out and about to the mall and basically anywhere, i will see christmas things everywhere! & tomorrow i am going to the santa clause parade with my sis, and i think my bro is coming too (i can't wait!) 
i'm back to work full time on november 25th which i am really looking forward to, especially since i am so broke after my trip. however, it was so worth it, i am willing to rough it for a while for the sake of travelling to the other side of the world! where i really want to work is at the mall wrapping christmas presents! they have a stand there where people pay to get their gifts wrapped, and to be honest if you know me, you know that it would be perfect for me! so i could work some nights after work during the week and then on weekends as well. i need the money, especially to pay for my trip to mexico in february for my friend heather's wedding, in which i am a bridesmaid. i'm also hoping to get a lot of cupcake orders around the holidays so i need to get on top of that soon too! since i have this whole week off i also might be babysitting for the kids i have been babysitting for like 5 years. it's extra money and it's easy, at this point i am pretty desperate, hahaha.
well, i feel like i kinda blabbed on a bit here.
thanks again to j.con for showing me all of this fancy stuff.
i gotta go snuggle.
i am glad to be back!
i missed you guys.


  1. welcome back!! cant wait to see pics :D

  2. OOO I really hope you share some photos with us! I hope that one day I can go to Thailand too! ♥

  3. Julie! welcome back!
    (I deleted my facebook for a few weeks so I needed to msg you here)
    There is a package in the mail that will be arriving very soon for you!
    I hope you like it

  4. 1. the malls have been christmasy for a couple weeks.
    2. its great!!!!
    3. it just keeps getting better!!!!!!!!
    4. ive ALWAYS wanted to work at the wrapping booth, its my dream job...


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