November 16, 2009

a pleasant monday.

santa? i know him!
yesterday was a good day :) after having a big & yummy breakfast, pete and i headed downtown. he went back home & i walked up yonge to meet up with my sis! it was SO busy downtown for the santa claus parade, like insane. i think people were starting to lose their christmas spirit :( we watched the parade for a while, it was the usual.. but still cute. we met up with my bro and went on a secret mission that i won't blog about just in case! haha, it has nothing to do with me though. just about a christmas "gift" my brother got my mom! hehehe.
on my way to union i ran into my old friend matthew which totally made my day, i hadn't seen him in maybe a year and a half? when i got home, me & my mom watched "planes, trains and automobiles". cute movie.
i actually slept through the night last night! it was kinda weird though because that was the first night in about 5 weeks that i slept alone without my sweetheart.
i spent the day unpacking, doing laundry, listening to christmas music, and trying to free up some space on my mac so i can fit the rest of my thailand pictures!
i am burning my "apple oatmeal cookie" candle, it smells like christmasssss.
i'm having a delicious cup of tea right now. tomorrow i am going to my grandpa and grandma's for lunch! & to visit work, and go to the mall - it's going to be SO christmasy.
oooh, also! me, my brothers, my sis and perhaps my cousins have a fun little christmas suprise for all the mother's on christmas day. i won't give it away but it involves dishes, music and a dance number!
baby, it's cold outside.
(not really though)
but i am in love with this song.


  1. I think I may have no choice but to embrace Christmas spirit every time I visit your blog now. ;)

  2. hahaha, awwww! that makes me happy :)


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