November 30, 2009

a sleepy gir.

hihihi, sugarplums!
hope everyone survived monday alright.
i had a very long day, i worked 11-8 & worked out on my lunch..
 & then went to visit my gram & grampy for a bit, had a nice long phone chat with my babe, and watched the leafs lose.
i'm sooo tired! i think i might go to bed early.
it's so cold in my room, wish i had my boy to snuggle with..
okay, call me a huge baby, but i hateeee being away from him :(
since we got home i've only since he once, & that was almost a week ago.. and because of our schedules, i don't know when i will see him next.
& that makes my hear hurt.
i love you bubby (alotalotalot)

time to go read & sulk.
tomorrow is a new day!
ooh, one amazing thing i forgot to mention -
the radio station that we play at work is ALL christmas ALL the time,
& the trees are up at my work now too. hooray :)

i was looking for some ideas for my christmas cupcakes, and found these. i am going to make some jussssst like it xo


  1. i love the cupcakes--what a cute idea!

    i know how you feel being apart from your boy--me and mine live almost 200 miles apart! i hope you get to see each other soon, and spend lots of time together!

  2. cuuute photo! and those cupcakes look so yummy! :)

  3. cute photo and now I really want a cupcake those are the cutest!

    Hope your night is not too lonely

  4. I am the same. I live with my boyfriend so when I go visit my mom or something, even one, two or three nights apart drives me nuts.
    It's weird sleeping alone!

  5. Those cupcakes are amazing and cute as ever!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)