November 14, 2009

up up & awayyy

so, omfg.
i finally saw the movie UP! today.
me & my boy rented it.
it was so adorable. sad, but so cuuuuuute.
i LOVED it !!!
cutest characters everrr.

also, i have a few blog-ish questions for you guys!

1) how do i link to another website without just using the website address?
2) how do i change the font colour?
3) how do i make the font reallllly big? or all sizes?

i used to know these things with my livejournal, and now i am clueless again!
if you help me i will love you foreverrr.



  1. Hopefully I can answer your questions!

    1) Say you want to say "this website" and then have it clickable to the actual website? When you're doing your post, highlight "this website" (or whatever you want it to say) and then click the button near the top that has a link & a globe (it's next to the T button with all the colour palettes!) A thing will pop-up and you just input the URL! :)

    2) Font colour... if you want the whole post to be that colour just at the beginning of your post, click the T button w/ the colour palettes (the one beside the URL button I just showed you!) If you want just one word to be a different colour, for example, you just highlight that word first and then click the button, choose your colour, etc. Super easy, I promise!

    3) Same deal as font colour, except the button is the one with the little T and big T (right next to the Font menu on the left of the toolbar!)

    Let me know if this works or if you have problem.
    PS. Livejournal! <3 Haha I miss mine sometimes.

  2. i loved up! i saw it in the summer with my nephews. but i saw it again thursday with my bf and loved it some more! he loved it too, btw.

    ps. i didn't know how to do any of that stuff either! i'm glad i saw this so i could blog about the giveaway to help you win!


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