November 26, 2009


they made a statue of us
& put it on a mountain top
now tourists come & stare at us
blow bubbles with their gum
take photographs have fun, have fun..

stolen from this cutie

What are your middle names? 

ann && kingsley

How long have you been together? 

almost a year & a half. 

How did you meet? 

while working on a cruiseship together <3 

How long did you know each other before you started dating? 

a couple weeks/a month

Who asked who out? 

it just...happened.

How old are each of you? 

25 && 23

Do you have any children together? 


What about pets? 

we're eachothers.

Did you go to the same school? 

not even.

Are you from the same home town? 


Who is the smartest? 

pete for sure.

Who is the most sensitive? 

me, of course. 

Where do you eat out most as a couple? 

we like to change it up! 

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? 

thailand! & bermuda

Who has the worst temper? 


Who does the cooking? 

mostly me, but sometimes pete.

Who is more social? 

probably me! guilty.

Who is the neat-freak? 

niether, i like to be organized though.

Who is the more stubborn? 


Who hogs the bed? 

omg me, and the blankets.

Who wakes up earlier? 


Where was your first date? 

i believe it was salsa (a mexican restaurant on the ship) or maybe it was bamboo (and asian restaurant on the ship)

Who has the bigger family? 


Favorite memories? 

so many. bermuda beach days, new york adventures, toronto dates, visits to st.catharines, cuddes on the couch, thailand! we have so many amazing memories already.

Do you get flowers often? 

often enough. & usually for no reason at all.

How do you spend the holidays? 

i love holidays (essssspecially christmas) so we do so many cute & fun things. and spend time with both families and both of our friends.

Who is more jealous? 

we're not too bad really.. maybe he? but not even. 

How long did it take to get serious? 

a couple months. once we came back to land..

Who eats more? 

him! & he's SOOO skinny. jerk.

Who does/ did the laundry? 

we both do our own. but i fold his t-shirts nicely.

Who’s better with the computer? 

we have different skills for different things.

Who drives when you are together? 

we walk!

Who plays an instrument? 

he plays guitar, and it's so cuteeee.

Do you share the same taste in music? 

yeah, for the most part.. 

Who exercises more? 


Who eats better? 

me. even though i am still chubby, haha.

Who's more romantic? 

i am SUCH a sap. but he is pretty romantic as well...

Who wears the pants in the relationship? 

he does. i love dresses! hehe..

Who snores loudest? 

no snoring. maybe me sometimes

Is there anything you both share/enjoy? 

lots. we have the best time together.

Who takes more pictures? 

omg, ME ME ME.

Who cries the most? 

i guess i do..dammit..


  1. too cute, julie! so cute, in fact, that i stole it! i love reading your blog! just too sweet!

  2. awww that is cute. i wish i had internet at home so i could waste some time filling that out, haha but im on a time limit at a coffee shop. haha...i learned something though...peter is 23, who knew? and his middle name is amazing!!

    love you.
    wish we were hanging right now!! and wish you could come tomorrow night. could you maybe stop by even for a little hugsy??

  3. I am SO excited to be new blog friends. Thank you so much for all the nice words on my entry today, you are so sweet and I am already loving your blog so much!

    It's awesome to meet you, I am really looking forward to reading more!



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