December 8, 2009

29 years without a hero.

hello, my loves.
first off, thank you for all of your cute-as-can-be comments lately.
they totally make my day. just sayin'
today was kinda blah for me, i don't even know why.
but something that made today gloomy;
it's 29 years ago today that the amazing & beautiful john lennon got shot.
what a horrible day.
pete & i visited the spot where it happened in newyork, & it made my heart hurt.
i will forever love, and be inspired by john & the beatles.

rest in peace, john.

i worked until 7 tonight, & then went to out to do a couple errands. i really really really need to start my christmas shopping, but i also need to wait until i get paid, which is friday (thank goodness) also ; this weekend is my annual christmas party and i have soooo many things to do before then, it makes me crazy just thinking about it!
but i loveeee christmas & party planning,
and i just like things to be perfect,
and my parties to be the most FUN ever.

the other day, a guy i work with told me i look like care failure from die mannequin which i took as a compliment because i think she is totally hot & has wicked style.
so it just couldn't be right! tsktsk.

ohmyGOD, how amazing is this? i want to work here, i will be happy forever. or maybe even live there? why yes, in a giant cupcake.


  1. i didnt even realize it was the anniversary of john's death--how terribly sad :(.

    but, the cupcake of the day, and the idea of living in it, totally brightened my day.

  2. that first photo of her DEFINITELY looks like you!! & i lovelovelove the cupcake of the day as it real? what is

  3. How sad, i am a Beatles fanatic and yet i didnt realize it was the anniversary of John's truly sad.
    Oh and that first picture of that girlie i thought WAS i guess you do look like her!

  4. I totally thought that was you in that first picture of that girl!!

  5. you DO look like her, i had to come to your blog just to see who you were talking about.
    the first picture looks JUST LIKE YOU.
    both so pretty.
    ps. its chantal, cant log in?!


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