December 12, 2009

christmas party day!

tonight is my christmas party!

hey everyone!
hope you all had a happy friday & are ready for a wonderful weekend.
since i got home from work yesterday i have been prepping for my annual christmas party, this year the theme is a snow ball. 

i got a suppppper cute outfit to wear, and it was on sale, which is even better!
everyone is supposed to dress fancy, so hopefully they do!

i've been busy as a christmas bumble bee

some of the things i have done so far;
  • made chocolate/candycane lollipops
  • individually wrapped each one as a party favour, with a merry christmas message
  • made peanut brittle
  • made christmas candy shish-ka-bobs
  • made some muddie buddies
  • hung snowflakes from the railings
  • made red & green jello shooters
some things on the agenda for today!;;
  •  make christmas cupcakes!! (vanilla & chocolate peppermint)
  • bake shortbread
  • make peanut butter balls
  • make christmas rice krispy squares
  • make nacho dip(s)
  • prep for CHRISTMAS mojito's
  • crush more candycane! (pete helps me with that)
  • set up flip cup/beer pong table in garage
  • gather all my christmas cd's and bring them downstairs
  • make christmas colour veggie tray
  • get a couple groceries
  • wrap up best outfit prize buckets
  • make chocolate covered pretzels
  • hang handmade snowflakes in living room
  • set up the table with goodies!!!
  • rim plastic shot glasses with chocolate and candycane
  • make our gingerbread houseeeee

OMG! those are just things at the top of my head...this christmas party will be my best one yet! i am soooo excited. i love being a hostess so much. i will take lots of photo's! have a good weekend everyoneeeee :)



  1. oh fun take picture can't wait to see your outfit I bet it is super cute just like you :)

  2. this has made me oh-so-sad....hmph! i hate that i can't come/don't have money to come home right now...on top of a few other reasons. i'm sad that i'm going to miss the best one yet!! i also can't wait to see your're so pretty julie.

    i miss you so muuuuch!!

  3. Oh how FUN!! :) Sounds like it will be a lovely night!!

  4. OO!! What an exciting event!! Sounds like an amazing party!! I can't wait to see pictures!! Handmade snowflakes sound fun!!


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