December 25, 2009

merry christmas everyone! ♥

christmas is finally here :)
merry christmas everyone!

i am so glad the day is finally here - but also sad how fast it comes and goes every year.
i got SOOOO spoiled this year (just like every year)
i'm going to save what i got for a blog post all about christmas day/gifts/food etc.

i've taken lots of photo's so far and plan to take lots more to document this day.
so far today ; i woke up and baked shortbread, because i was up so late finishing the scrapbook i made for my brother and my new sis of their wedding, open gifty's, had a big yummy breakfast, showered, watched the spelling bee, texted lots of friends..
nexxxt ; write out table settings, straighten my hair & get ready!, have a phone chat with my bubby, set the table, watch a christmas movies, make muddie buddies, be merrry!

everyone is coming over in the late afternoon today! i can't wait, my brothers and sis are here now and we are all just kinda relaxing. once everyone gets here, the goodies, food, laughs, drinks and presents will break out, and board games too!
& the best gift of all - grandpa is coming over for christmas! we got to bring him home the hospital for a few days over the holidays.

as much as this christmas has been perfect, i really do wish we had snow.
it's so pretty and we haven't had a while christmas in a while.
i mean, it's CANADA, it's suppposed to snow here.

i hope you all have a wonderful day, filled with people you love. and that you all celebrate the season to it's fullest, and laugh, cuddle, smile, drink & be merry!

it's the most wonderful time of the year ;
merry christmas to all !!!


  1. Merry Christmas darling! I'm so glad you got spoiled- I can't wait to see pics!

    Love from AZ :)

  2. Hope your Christmas was amazing! Can't wait to see pics! That is sweet that your Grandpa got to come home for the holiday!!


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