December 3, 2009

oh, sigh.

i miss my cookie monster.

ugh, this sucks.
i miss pete way too much right now.

work was good today. it was our christmas lunch at work so we had a yummy turkey dinner & such. everyone dressed up and it was lovely. i also decorated our whole area at work with decorations. too cute!
my mom got a call from the hospital about my grandpa, and he's there now getting some more tests done. i am so worried about him, i am just going to think positive and hope it's not something too serious. i just wish we could have those we love with us forever. after spending 4 hours in the emergency waiting room the other day, i was feeling so sad - i just wanted to go over and hug every single person in there. it's such a horrible thing to watch someone you love in pain. i hate hospitals. before my dad passed away he spent 6 months in the hospital.. and after spending so many days and nights there with him, i will forever hate the look, smell and feel of any hospital.

okay, sorry to be so down! how is everyone?
happy thursday. i am happy it's almost friday :)

things to look forward to this weekend ;;
♥ my aunt & uncle coming for dinner tomorrow!
meeting up with jordan & going to eric's costume & birthday party. which i am stoked for, esp since i missed halloween this year! party!
♥ christmas crafting & such on saturday, hopefully seeing my bubby *fingers crossed* and maybe meeting up with my brothers if they're free on saturday.
♥ scrapbooking. going christmas shopping with my mom! & getting our christmas tree!!! :)



  1. i think you have the most nick names ever for pete. haha it's so cute!! i hope you get to see him soon!

  2. so cute! I love the cookie monster pic! I hope your grandpa is ok!!! That is scary to have relatives struggle with health problems. I completely agree with you on hating hospitals. Everything about them creeps me out. Sounds like you are going to have an exciting weekend! Yay for christmas crafting, shopping and christmas trees!!

  3. I hope your grandpa is going to be okay! And I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I thought I should let you know that your posts make me want to get more into Christmas, which is really, really hard for me.
    So thanks for being adorable and positive all the time! xo.

    PS. Missing your boy is the worst. I hope you do end up seeing him today :)

  5. *carly - you're right! i do! i love pet names. hehe, he's here now! yayy

    *jacque - thanks for all your kind words. it's no fun at all, and i hatttte hospitals. i love everything christmas related hehe

    *carrie - thanks love!! everyone's warm thoughts are so sweet.

    *j.con - awwwwww! that makes me so happy. you're too cute. you're hoping worked, because he's here now! hehehe...hope you're getting in the christmas spirit!


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