January 2, 2010

best of 2009.

hey loves!
so here's my 2009 highlights in a nut shell
i kinda tried to put them in order :)
2009 was a wonderful year!

i started this blog, in jan of 2009!

my first valentine's day, being in love

my bestfriend got engaged! & asked me to be the maid of honour!

started my own little cupcake business - cupcakes made with love

went to niagra falls with my boy 

got my dream glasses, i love you ray bans.

lots of themed parties (hockey, mustache, sundaes etc..)

going to watch sports - blue jays, toronto fc, leafs

my 3rd summer working on the ship (2nd with my love!)

spending time in bermuda every week in the summer

spending sunday's in newyork with my babe

celebrating mine & pete's 1 year anniversary in bermuda/on the ship

going to my first ever cupcake shop - in NY!

the penguins win the stanley cup

got the cutesssst bicycle in the world :)

i turned 25! quarter century? kindof a big deal.

my brother married an amazing girl ; my new sister..lindsey (best day ever!)

my first big cupcake order - 130+ for joe&linds' wedding

winning 2 amazing blog giveaways!

* a tutu from gala darling &

* cupcake scarf from fancy lady

went to thailand for a month on an incredible adventure!


  1. julie ross,
    i've said it before and i'm sure i will say it again & again, you have the best life ever. i know you already know this, since it's your own but you are a very lucky gal...AND you're really good at making your dreams and wishes into real life things! if there's anyone out there that i would love to be more like, it's you.

    you're wonderful
    thankyou for being such an incredible friend! and in 2010, more hangouts for us okay??
    love you.

  2. whoa sounds like you had an amazing year! i'd love to go to thailand one day! here's to your 2010 being even better :)

  3. This is a great post. You are such a pretty and happy person! I need to take a leaf out of your book :)


  4. Aw love this post! It looks like you had such an incredible year!! I love all of your cute cupcake pictures! You should post some tips on decorating cupcakes because I need help!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)