January 5, 2010

cold tuesday night.

happy tuesday!
today was a busy day at work. i try not to let really cruel and rude people get to me, but sometimes i can't help it. it's so sad these days, the type of people who you deal with on a day to day basis. it's also sad that i get suprised when someone is nice and helpful to me when i go to a store or somewhere. hmph.
whatevs, i'm over it!

i woke up a little bit sore today from the gym, which is a good thing though! i also went to the gym on my lunch today & am going after work tomorrow. i plan to go a lot more on my lunch, especially since i already work in the same building! no excuses.
i bought a yoga mat too, and want to start going to classes.
it's only about 5 weeks until mexico and i want to atleast lose a couple pounds before then.
it snowed all day today! which i must say.. is quite nice.
i want to go skating!
right now i am in my snugglies, watching team canada vs usa world junior finals, nervous!

hope everyone had a good day, and tomorrow is wednesday - we're half way there:)

oh and i forgot to mention,
my favourite artist this year was adele
i think she is amazing.


  1. I started listening to adele a few months ago and her voice it BEAUTIFUL. so good.

  2. OO I'm curious about Adele now! Gotta check her out! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Oh! I gave you an award on my blog!!

  4. i love adele!

    and i know what you mean about people...they can really suck :P


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